In February 1990, PAPYLON was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA - with innovative ideas and concepts to effectively supply leading products & solutions at the most competitive prices.


With recognized years of successful business management, sales experience, local & international market knowledge, procurement, agribusiness consulting, market research and customer relation - PAPYLON has established a network of professional business associates to consistently assist the needs of our select clientele, which enable us, clients, and associates to achieve continuous growth locally and internationally.


Whether it is acquiring new clientele or keeping former ones, PAPYLON is committed to meet the needs of smallest client as we are to those of our largest, doing everything possible to adequately sustain the highest standard of products, solutions, procurements, and agribusiness, as you essentially work on your present and future goals.


If you are interested in accompanying the vast opportunities in the local and international markets offers, PAPYLON is your first stop to meeting the needs of today and equipping you for the challenges of tomorrow.


PAPYLON is a "One-Stop-Shop for End-to-End Logistics Solutions".